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Fire Damage Restoration in Beverly Hills

Your house is much more than four walls and a roof. It is a place to relax, gather with friends, and where you and your family will make memories that will last for years to come. It goes without saying that one of the most devastating occurrences that a person can face is a house fire. In addition to fire and smoke damage, homeowners usually face water damage as a result of the firefighter’s efforts. That’s why when you need help restoring the condition of your home, you need a fire restoration company that will be by your side to respectfully assist you in every aspect of the restoration process, including insurance. At Samuels Construction, we are that company.

Professional Fire Damage Cleanup

As a leading construction company in Beverly Hills, we are here to bring your home back to its pre-fire condition. When you partner with us, you are teamed with a company that is committed to providing you with the highest level of restoration services from start to finish. We handle all types of construc-tion and cleanup, and work with all major insurance companies. We are more than happy to send the invoice directly to your insurance company. You’ve been through enough, leave the paperwork to us.

What to do if you’ve experienced a house fire

When it comes to fire and water damage, it is critical that you act fast. The quicker you bring in profes-sionals, the more likely it is that your furniture and belongings will be saved. At Samuels Construction, we have fire damage restoration technicians available seven days a week to help you. If your home has experienced fire, smoke and water damage, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. A member of our seasoned staff will be by your side to assist you.

It is completely understandable that you would attempt to take matters into your own hands when it comes to fire damage restoration, but this is not a job you want to tackle on your own. In an effort to salvage your belongings and get a closer look at the extent of the damage, you may inadvertently make matters much worse. Always wait for the approval of a trained home restoration professional in Bevery Hills to reenter you home. Please refer to the following tips:

  • Do not walk around in your home as soot can easily spread from room to room.
  • Do not eat any food that was in your home during a fire.
  • Do not drink tap water from your home.
  • Do not turn on your air conditioning.
  • Do not attempt to clean furniture, upholstery or flooring.

Call for Fire Restoration and Soot Remediation

With Samuels Construction by your side, you can feel confident knowing that we have the experience, equipment and skill to restore your home or business quickly and efficiently. If you recently experi-enced a house fire in Beverly Hills then we encourage you to get in touch with us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.